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FlexKrete 102 is a pure resin, packaged in 5-gallon pails with catalyst. The 3/4-gallon kit contains 3/4 gallon resin, catalyst, primer, 3 parts sand and measuring container. When mixed, it yields almost 1/2cu. ft. of product. It’s all shipped in a 5-gallon, plastic pail.

The 5-gallon kit contains five gallons of FlexKrete resin, catalyst, a 2-quart kit of FlexPrime, two measuring pails and 5-50# bags, 20-50 mesh blast sand. When mixed with 3½ parts clean, dry sand, it produces over 20 gallons of mixed product, or 3 cu. ft.

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FlexPrime, when used with FlexKrete, penetrates the concrete and blocks moisture, can be used over “green concrete,” and seals the corrosion of rusty rebar and steel. It’s packaged in 2 gallon, 2 quart and 12 oz. kits.

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Flex-Temp Additive allows FlexKrete to set up as quickly as 5 minutes in moderate weather, and also allows FlexKrete to be used in temperatures far below 0°F.

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FlexSealer 1000 is an advanced, aqueous copolymer. It is used as a final seal coat on broadcast systems, over other coatings, such as epoxies, urethanes, etc., to enhance the color and provide gloss for stone, wood and masonry products, and as a clear sealer for stamped concrete, epoxy stone and other decorative systems. FlexSealer may be used on masonry products, wood, steel, fiberglass, plastic and FLEXKRETE.

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PolyureaSeal 100 is a 100% solids, high elongation, VOC free, polyurea sealant, used in horizontal saw-cut & preformed joints. It is used on concrete and asphalt in high traffic areas, food processing, cold storage, chemical plants, parking structures, shipping & transportation, poultry & meat plants, which are just a few of the recommended applications.

Packaged in 600 ml, dual cartridges, 2 gallon kits and 10 gallon kits. Dual cartridge guns also available with order.

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Fumed Silica is packaged in a 10# bag, and is used with FlexKrete for vertical and overhead repairs. Consult with JESSCO to determine requirements.

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